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Our Story

Bergamascos have been in my life since before I was even born. My parents got their first Bergamasco, Dopey, in 1987, and he moved with us to the UK in 1994. He lived a long and happy life as part of our family, and died age 15 in 2003. After a mourning period, my mum was ready to bring another bouncy ball of fluff into our lives, and so the search began... She contacted all the breeders at the time - first, Reyna Knight in the UK, but she said there was a 3-4 year waiting list and we weren't willing to wait that long. We got in touch with one of the top Italian breeders, Maria Andreoli, but she didn't have any litters at the time. Eventually, we found an Italian breeder with puppies! Ten long months later, (import rules were far more strict back then) and our beautiful black Bergamasco boy joined our family - Benjy! He was our cheeky, bouncy, bundle of joy, with a wonderful temperament, protective and caring. We grew up together, like siblings. Benjy passed away in 2016 - he lived until the wonderful age of 14 years old.


It was hard for me to envision my life without a Bergamasco by my side...

...this lead to the start of my own Bergamasco family!

In July 2018, I made the 12 hour car journey to Italy and back to bring over my first, very own Bergamasco - Bruno. Unfortunately, Bruno ended up being the wrong colours for the Bergamasco breed standard, so isn't used for showing or breeding. He's still my handsome boy who loves walks, chasing after a tennis ball, cuddles on the sofa and as many belly rubs as he can get! 

In August 2018, I got in touch with Luigi Cavalchini, the breeder of the Valle Scrivia Bergamascos, and to my joy, his beautiful girl, Ela di Valle Scrivia, had her first litter, a litter of 11 puppies, sired by Tobia. Fast forward 3 months, and a 12 hour car-train-train-eurotunnel-car journey later (!) and Illy di Valle Scrivia joined our growing Bergamasco family in London, UK. 

Six months later, I found out that Luigi's girl Darma di Valle Scrivia was having a litter, sired by 2015 World Champion, Sansone. Five beautiful pups were born in May 2019, and three months later, Luna di Valle Scrivia also joined our Bergamasco family. 

2020 saw the start of dog shows for us, let's see what the future brings...

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Ethos & Philosophy

Bergamascos of London's main ethos is to maintain the best of the breed, prioritising the health and well-being of the dogs. Our goal is to promote this wonderful, but rare, breed throughout the UK and the world.

Through dog shows, educational days and social media, we hope to promote this wonderful breed further, and bring their smiley flocked faces to people all over the world. 

With the collaboration and support of fantastic breeders from Italy and across Europe, and importing only the best of the breed, we hope to grow the number of Bergamascos in the UK and Europe. 

Our Story: About Us
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